Displayed here are Coats of Arms, Badges and flags Robert has hand painted and guilded for clients.

For a more extensive view of Grants designed and painted by the artist, displayed in The Registar of Arms, Flags and Badges, please follow the link below.

Arms, flags and Badges, by Robert Grey


Below are samples of hand painted Shields of Arms Robert has prepared for clients.

Comments from clients

Hi Rob, I just saw the painted shield. Thank you so much for your talent and hard work. It looks fabulous. 


Dear Mr. Grey, Thank you for the excelent work you have done to create a draft design of my armorial bearings. The layout, artwork and attention to detail is fantastic. I appreaciate the somewhat mythological appearanceof the creatures involved. The owls were exceptional. Looking forward to working with you again. 

 Dave B.

Rob, Thanks for the Banners they look great on the flag pole, as you can see from the photo I have provided.  


 Recently I rreeived my letters Patten for my Grant of Arms. I would Like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for your choice of artist. I was most impressed with Mr. Rob Grey's heraldic work, it was entirely outstanding and extremely impressive. 

 Wishing all the best. 

 Walt V. S.

Dear Mr . Grey 

On behalf of the Helicopter Operational Test and Evaluation Fac ility (HOTEF) I wish to extend our deep appreciation for your efforts in the production of our unit Heraldic Crest. We were aware of the difficulties encountered trying to fit our unit name on the crest. Trust me when I say your efforts are truly app- reciated by those who proudly wear the HOTEF Heraldic Crest on their flight suits .

C.G. N.

Major Commanding Officer